Are you drawn to positively impacting the world while making a real living?​

Discover your natural strengths so we can leverage them to make your ambitions a reality.
Coach Gemi Hartojo
Let's just say it...

Struggling between your Deen and Dunya?

You’re wondering, “How can I balance between my Deen, Dunya and Demands of my family?”  “When will I be successful? When can I have this dream life with the free time, the impact and the financial stability? Maybe it’s not even meant for me. When can I have this dream life with the free time, the impact and the financial stability?”

What does staying in this status quo cost you?

Does this sound like your life right now?

You're waiting to get validation from others to make your dreams happen?
Your days are super busy, you're not moving forward with your goals
Doubt creeps in when you've decided to commit to a plan and it derails your efforts

You know you want something more.

And that’s your inner-self trying to break through the layers of learned behaviour.

And it’s hard to do alone.

New Habits

It’s time to break through the old patterns!

And to do so, first you need to become aware of those patterns in the first place.
Coach Gemi Hartojo
Gemi’s coaching has been instrumental in helping me dig deep in aligning my leadership and business practice. I am now attracting clients that are aligned with the mission of my business.
Nurul Ibrahim
Nurul Ibrahim
Founder, Director at Hume Design Consultancy

Look – Your life won’t ever be perfect, but I can show you how to find peace in uncertainty and resilience in yourself so that you may confidently tackle whatever comes your way.

With tools, strategy and experience, I coach my clients how to listen to their inner voice and take action.​


YOU get all the tips & tricks the big-wigs have.​

I’ve got the marketing bug. I’ve worked with USA Today, AOL, Ogilvy & Mather, American Greetings, and Rise Against Hunger on branding, online marketing strategies, and sales. I’ve helped companies grow and increase revenue 10X over their goals.


And I am a Certified Co-Active Coach and have my ACC accredited by ICF.

Coaching with Gemi was such a powerful experience. I love how Gemi effortlessly encouraged me to see my problem from different perspectives. I'd have never challenged myself to do alone
Janan Sarwar
Janan Sarwar
PhamD STM Publishers, Pharmacist, Book Coach

What is the cost of staying where you are?

Many people go through life accepting their circumstances and yet, Allah SWT has given us the power of choice.  What do you choose?

Are you ready to choose you? Here is how it works:

Step 1
Click on my calendar and find time to hop on a free 15-Minute strategic session with Gemi.
Step 2
We will discuss and learn about each other to see if there is a fit. Because I want to make sure I am the best solution to help you achieve your goals.
Step 3
Ready to choose yourself? I too am ready to work with you. You make your decision and we hit the ground running.
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